August 18, 2009

Cape Mendocino

Cape Mendocino is the western most point in California. It is also one of the most dangerous points of coastline in the state.

bashing along the coast

The roller coaster ride was getting rather annoying after about 16 hours of getting hammered. I survived on Gator aid and crackers and Michel could not keep anything down.
The rough seas stirred up sediment in the fuel tank enough to clog the intake line of the fuel filter system. We managed to jury rig a dingy pump to push the fuel back into the tanks in order to prevent stalling. ( we stalled once and that was not nice) We pumped pretty much on the hour as we did our log updates
I think we all had a 5 minute thresh hold "down below" before the queasy sea sick gremlins kicked in.
The winds were about 20-35 knots on the nose with seas at 18-20 feet swell. Add in breaking waves and it was pretty a heck of a wet ride. We soon learn why there are cockpit drains.
The seas and winds bust apart our window zippers which had to be"speedy stitched" back closed. The bow was burried often which lifted our liferaft from the deck.

Point Reyes

As we rounded the point we got hammered and had quite a ride.
Jovietal pounded through the night and no one really got very much sleep.
Michel became quite sea sick at day break and was pretty much incapacitated.

rough seas

Around midnight the wind and seas began to build especially as we neared Point Reyes

Passing under the Golden Gates

Pete and Sue have joined us to sail to Canada and celebrate with a kiss under the bridge.
The Seas were brisk with a 10-15 knots of wind on the nose of course.
Shortly after we exited the Harbour a coast Guard helicopter buzzed us from above and we were asked if our EPIRB had been triggered. (The emergency beacon transmitter)
The boat in question was a 42 foot blue boat American Registered.
It was nice to see they double checked.
Passing the infamous Potato Patch which is reputed to throw some nasty seas was pretty easy much like a choppy day on the straight of Georgia. The "patch" is the Northernmost area of San Francisco Bar alluvial silt deposits, which bar entry to the Golden Gate and require dredging. Occasionally a potato boat would capsize on the sand bar, spilling its load.

Leaving San Fransisco

We loved the new friends we made at Alameda Marina Village Yacht Harbour.
What a surprise to see some of our friends wave goodbye.
Marina Village is affordable luxury at around 20 dollars per night.

August 11, 2009


The boys enjoy Sampling a variety of California wines with "Penny" and the Crew from
Festina Lente.